Tuesday, August 07, 2007


What were they thinking?

In winter, 2007, Microsoft provided Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005. It arrived hobbled with an installer that could take as long as 6 hours to run, using up to 8 GB of system drive storage when the VS software was on some other drive. That put it far down the priority list.

Eventually, Service Pack 1 got installed in the hope of solutions to at least a few of the longstanding bugs and problems with VS 2005, including these:
* random process lockup with concurrent activities
* random errors with application domain unload
* random errors responding to view change keystrokes
* random errors with focus lost
* random errors with miscolored text
* random errors indenting inserted text
* design views unusable from clumsy formatting
* inability to generate resources if using includes
* lack of response during searches and builds
* hyperactive popup of error and status panes
* very slow searches across project files
* failure to maintain context of a project search
* missing resources not reported at build time
* JavaScript errors not reported at build time
* JavaScript breakpoint requires code insertion
* inability to compare files or file versions
* inability to search within Quick Watch panels
* only dynamic ListBox usable with AutoPostBack

A couple month's use shows not a single bug fixed or problem solved, certainly not the mother of all bugs. See "Cover your buttons," March 2, 2007. So what were they thinking?

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